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We are so glad to partner with Learning Ally to offer you a discount on their Spotlight on Dyslexia virtual conference! Learning Ally is a true friend to schools and educators, and we align perfectly on pedagogy to reach these students.


We are happy to announce registration is now open for their premiere virtual conference, Spotlight on Dyslexia Virtual Conference, an interactive, live 8-hour event for educators on Friday, June 4, 2021!

Spotlight on Dyslexiais perfect for any K-12 educator and administrator who wants to learn more about dyslexia, the science of reading and the culture of literacy.


Register today! Use code SPODPartners to get 20$ off our premium ticket.

Certificate in Learning Differences and Neurodiversity


Click HERE for more information

The purpose of this session is to discuss the cognitive, linguistic, and reading and writing abilities that should be included in a comprehensive dyslexia evaluation. In addition, the presenter will describe several challenges that are inherent in the assessment of dyslexia, including the current identification procedures under IDEA 2004; the difficulty with early identification; the dilemma of twice-exceptional students; and the existence of co-occurring disorders, such as ADHD and language impairments. The presenter will also briefly describe the Tests of Dyslexia which will be available in 2022.

Join us for the Summer Inclusion Leadership Conference!


June 28, 2021

8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST


Open to everyone across the United States, this conference will feature a keynote, plenary session by Shelley Moore, and three sessions of engaging workshops on practices and strategies that foster inclusive learning environments for ALL students.


Presenters include Paula Kluth, Marilyn Friend, LeDerick Horne, Rhonda Bondie, Cheryl Jorgensen, and more!


Tickets are $50 for teachers and school staff and $25 for parents, advocates, and college students. 


New Jersey administrators are eligible to receive FREE admission to the conference.


Scholarship Opportunity

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created significant disruptions to the college and life plans of young adults with learning and attention issues all across the country. Students are changing their college plans, reducing credit loads, losing out on internship and job opportunities, and dealing with the consequences of a global pandemic.


NCLD recognizes the hardship our young adults are facing. We developed a new scholarship to support students whose college and life plans have been significantly impacted by COVID-19.


NCLD will award twelve $1,500 scholarships to those students who experienced significant disruptions in their college plans due to COVID-19.


Learn more and apply

Understanding Is a Key First Step

The Healthy Brain Network initiative offers no-cost mental health and learning evaluations to children ages 5-21. Families are connected with treatment and services in their community on the back end of evaluation. 


Click HERE for more information

11 Ways to Stimulate ADHD Brains All Summer
This school year has stressed students with ADHD. Our kids desperately need a break from school — and 6+ hours daily on a screen — but not from learning. Studies show that kids can lose up to two months worth of hard-won learning over the summer, but there is hope. 

Dr. Rosa Hagin Scholarship

Dr. Rosa Hagin was an educational psychologist, teacher, and advocate for children and adults with learning disabilities. She was involved with the Learning Disabilities Association of America for many years and served on the national and New Jersey LDA Professional Advisory Boards. Dr. Hagin was also a pioneer in post-secondary education for adults with learning disabilities as head of an experimental project known as “Another Chance” that addressed vocational as well as academic skills. Upon her death in 2014, Dr. Hagin generously donated money for LDANJ to begin a scholarship fund for students with LD.

Scholarship winners have displayed exceptional scholarship, volunteerism, perseverance, and leadership. Attached is the advice that the 2021 scholarship winners gave to other students as part of their applications.


Click HERE to see Advice from Scholarship Winners

News from LDANJ

We're working on some plans for a summer conference, a fall conference, and possibly starting some monthly support group for parents. Watch your emails and follow us on the LDANJ Facebook pages for updates. Not on our email list? Become a member of LDA or email us at

Have you heard about Bill S3434?

Do you know a student who is turning 21 in 2021 or 2022 and needs another year of high school?

Please read the attached!  You can make a difference!


Click HERE for Bill S3434 Information

Are you a parent who wants to be involved?

Are you a student interested in being a STAMPNJ Leader?

Do you know a student who needs a mentor?

Check out the information attached about STAMP!

Students Teaching Advocacy

through Mentoring Program (STAMP)


Opinion 57: Non-Lawyer Special Education Advocates and the Unauthorized Practice of Law – Superseding Opinion 56


What You Need To Know


On April 9, 2021, the New Jersey Supreme Court’s Committee on the Unauthorized Practice of Law (Committee) issued a new ethics opinion, known as Opinion 57, that addresses the issue of whether non-lawyer advocates can represent or speak on behalf of special education students in IEP meetings and mediation conferences. The Committee determined that non-lawyer advocates are practicing law when they are advising, representing, or speaking on behalf of students at IEP meetings and mediation conferences.


However, the Committee recognized that special education is complicated to understand and that there is a lack of lawyers with special education knowledge available to help parents who need them. It is for this primary reason why the Committee determined non-lawyer advocates with special knowledge or training of special education laws and procedures can represent students in IEP meetings and mediation. The Committee made it clear that non-lawyer advocates must have explicit permission from the parent to appear at the IEP meeting without the parent. The explicit permission requirement does not apply to court-appointed special advocate (CASA) volunteers.


The Committee also made it clear that non-lawyer advocates must have the parent accompany them during mediation. However, these advocates do not require explicit permission from the parent to communicate with the school district in less formal settings.


Read More About Special Education

Resources to Share with Families


A Family Guide to Participating in the Child Outcomes Measurement Process

Parents of a young child in an early intervention or early childhood special education program want to be sure these services are helping their child develop and learn. But how can they tell if that is so? One way is to learn about the 3 “child outcomes” measured for every child who participates in such a program. This free handout from the PACER Center explains the 3 outcomes and how parents can participate in the child outcomes measurement process.


Comic Books Series Turned into Videos for Children

Want to share with children information about their disability via a video based on a comic book series? Jumo Health has quite a selection of such videos (typically 8+ minutes long) on different disabilities, including: anxiety, asthma, AD/HD, autism, childhood cancer, growth disorders, heart defects, diabetes, food allergies, OCD, sickle cell anemia, and spinal cord injury.


How to Spot Depression in Young Children

We tend to think of childhood as a time of innocence and joy, but as many as 2 to 3 percent of children from ages 6 to 12 can have serious depression.



NAMI Basics is a 6-session education program for parents, caregivers and other family who provide care for youth (ages 22 and younger) who are experiencing mental health symptoms. NAMI Basics is available online through NAMI Basics OnDemand.


This program is guided by parents and family members with lived experience, is self-paced and available 24/7.

NAMI Basics OnDemand
NAMI Connection Recovery

Support Group is a 60 minute support group for adults (18+) with a mental health condition. Participants gain the support of peers who understand their experience and gain insight into others’ challenges and successes.


NAMI Connection Recovery

Support Group

Wednesdays at 12 pm – 1 pm ET

Wednesdays at 7 pm – 8 pm ET

Register Here

NAMI Family Support Group is a 60 minute support group for adult friends and family members (18+) of people with mental health conditions. Participants gain support from peers who understand their experience and gain insight into others’ challenges and successes


NAMI Family Support Group

Wednesdays at 7 pm – 8 pm ET


The spouse/partner group will meet 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month


The sibling group will meet 4th Tuesday of the month

Register Here

The "Educating The Educators" program is an initiative by NAMI NJ to help K-12 educators understand children and youth with mental health disorders.


It provides information, strategies and resources that can be utilized in the classroom setting. To learn more about ETE or schedule a presentation, go here.

The “Every Mind Matters” Educator Toolkit, copyrighted by NAMI NJ, is an interactive health supplement designed for students in Grades 5-8 and Grades 9-12 to enhance their knowledge about physical and mental health and strengthen their coping strategies in dealing with stressful feelings and situations.


It contains information and resources on mental health, mental illness, the brain, stress relief, anti-stigma and anti-bullying. To learn more about EMM, go here.

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Free Professional Development Opportunities

·       Maryanne Wolf - Keynote Deep Reading in the Digital Age Webinar (2 cont. ed. hrs.)

·       Emily Hanford - Keynote on the Science of Reading Webinar (2 cont. ed. hrs.)

·       Keith & Marianne Nice - Teaching Structured Literacy Online Webinar (2 cont. ed. hrs.)

·       Lively Letters Overview Webinar (1.5 cont. ed. hrs.)

·       Phonics App Instructional Webinar (1.5 cont.ed. hrs.)

·       Nancy Telian & Penny Castagnozzi - Using Lively Letters Online Webinar (2 cont. ed. hrs.)

Register for the Free On Demand Recorded Webinars website
Free Materials

·       Complete Tic Tac Toe Phonics Workbook ($49.95 value)

·       Lively Letters Picture & Plain Letters & Stories

·       Lively Lively Coloring Pages

·       Lively Letters Pictures and Poems

·       Lively Letters Phonics Songs

·       Phonics Worksheets

·       Alphabet Character Hand Washing Coloring Pages

·       List and Description of Common Spelling Rules

·       Irregular Sight Word Pictures and Mnemonic Stories

·       Sight Word Stories You Can Read - Book # 3

·       Phonetic Sight Word List Sorted by Syllable Type

·       Consonant Blends Word List

·       Multisyllable Word Tic Tac Toe Worksheets


Share with colleagues & parents for use online & to print.

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 Parents of College Bound Students with Learning Disabilities, ADHD and ASD

Website with a fun game that helps a student practice spelling of trick words as well as days of the week, months, colors, and more.

Check it out!

LDANJ Learning Disabilities Association of New Jersey